Eo Sterilize Equipment Eto Sterilization Machine Low Temperature Gas Sterilizer for Hospital Disposables, Archive Bags

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Sterilization Information Recording and Printing
Sterilization Information Recording and Printing
Stainless Steel
Chamber Material
304 Stainless Steel
Chamber Volume
3-20 Cubic Meter
Sterilization Agent
Eo Gas
Sterilization Temperature
50ºC ±3ºC
Transport Package
Export Carton Package
HS Code
Production Capacity
1000 Sets/Month

Product Description

EO Sterilize Equipment ETO Sterilization Machine Low Temperature Gas Sterilizer for Hospital Disposables, Archive Bags
Eo Sterilize Equipment Eto Sterilization Machine Low Temperature Gas Sterilizer for Hospital Disposables, Archive Bags


1.Ethylene oxide is an organic compound with a chemical formula of C2H4O. It is a toxic chemical gas that can kill all microorganisms, including bacterial spores, tubercle bacillus, bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

The ethylene oxide gas sterilizer is widely used to sterilize medical supplies such as masks, protective clothing, bandages, gloves, syringes, bandages, sutures and surgical instruments, etc.

2.Strong penetrability: During sterilization, it can be wrapped with various wrapping materials, which is convenient for storage and transportation. It can be used after opening the parcel to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.Can directly penetrate plastic bags, cartons and corrugated boxes.



1. Ethylene oxide is a flammable and explosive gas, and the operation should be kept away from open flames.

2. In order to prevent accidental leakage of epoxy, the operating room of ethylene oxide sterilizer should be far away from crowded areas. The space where it is located has good ventilation conditions. It is strictly forbidden to operate in a closed and ventilated space.

3. For safe use, ethylene oxide + inert mixed gas is currently used. Commonly used is 80% EO + 20% CO2, (80% ethylene oxide gas + 20% carbon dioxide gas).At normal temperature, the mixed gas is in a liquid state, similar to a liquefied gas tank. Gas cylinders can be reused.

4. After the items is sterilized, store it for analysis, different packaging materials, natural analysis time generally require 7 ~ 14 days.

5. 380 V, 50 Hz three-phase electricity.


The sterilization process:

(1) The ethylene oxide sterilization procedure shall include preheating, prewetting, vacuuming, feeding into the vaporized ethylene oxide to reach the predetermined concentration, maintaining the sterilization time, removing the ethylene oxide gas in the sterilization cabinet, and resolving to remove the residue of ethylene oxide in the sterilized articles.

(2) Ethylene oxide sterilization can be 100% pure ethylene oxide or ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide mixed gas. Do not use Freon.

(3) Analysis can be continued in the ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet, can also be put into a special fume hood, should not use natural ventilation method. Repeated input of air should be highly efficient filtration, can filter more than 99.6% of particles ≥0.3um.

(4) Ethylene oxide residue mainly refers to ethylene oxide and its two by-products, chloroethanol ethane and ethylene glycol ethane, left in articles and packaging materials after ethylene oxide sterilization; Exposure to excess ethylene oxide residue can cause burns and irritation in patients. The amount of ethylene oxide residue and sterilization materials, sterilization parameters, packaging materials and packaging size, loading, analytical parameters and so on.


Construction of sterilizer:

1. Disinfection time: 0-99 hours adjustable

2. Vacuum speed: 25 minutes to -50kpa

3. Air replacement: automatic ventilation, periodic ventilation 3 times, an interval of 30 minutes

4. Automatic control system: one-click start to finish, the whole process is automatically completed with printing records

5. Display state: display temperature, humidity, pressure, sterilization time, residual gas treatment time, times

6. Printer: record and print the sterilization information of the whole process for verification.

7 humidity sensor: built-in humidity sensor automatically detects the humidity in the chamber

8. Pressure sensor: built-in pressure sensor automatically detects the pressure in the cavity to ensure the effective pressure in the cavity.

9. Temperature sensor: the built-in temperature sensor automatically detects the temperature in the cavity to ensure that the temperature in the cavity is kept within the range of 50ºC ±3ºC.

10. Vacuum system: the use of oil-free vacuum pump, simple and convenient, fast vacuum rate, long service life.

11. Heating system: explosion-proof electric heating device is adopted, which is more convenient and fast

12. A variety of protection functions: with over pressure and over temperature protection function, more reliable.

13. The Hydraulic automatic opening and closing, easy operation, good Sealing Sealing.

14. Loading cart: Easyfor operator load and unload cargos

15. Automatic sliding door: Press button for doon open andclosed.

16. Inner residual gas treatment system: For post sterilization gas processing, ensure the drainage is dlean.



Chamber size

Equipment size


Gas Consumption






3-3.6kg / time



335×120×150 CM

355×190×226 CM


6-7.2kg / time



560×120×150 CM

600×190×226 CM


10-12kg / time



1132×120×150 CM

1150×190×226 CM


20-24kg / time

Company Information:
Eo Sterilize Equipment Eto Sterilization Machine Low Temperature Gas Sterilizer for Hospital Disposables, Archive Bags

Eo Sterilize Equipment Eto Sterilization Machine Low Temperature Gas Sterilizer for Hospital Disposables, Archive Bags


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