Medical H2O2 Low Temperature Plasma Autoclave Sterilizer (THR-YDQ120)

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Sterilization Information Recording and Printing
Sterilization Information Recording and Printing
Stainless Steel
Usable Volume
Working Temperature
Sterilization Cycle
Low Consumption
4000W for Installation
Automatic Lifting Door
Transport Package
Wooden Case
Jiangsu, China
Production Capacity
1000 Piece/Month

Product Description

Product Description

Working principle:
The hydrogen peroxide low-temperature plasma sterilizer generates plasma in the sterilization chamber under the condition of low temperature and vacuum through the action of high-frequency electric field, in which the active substance reacts chemically with the protein and nucleic acid in the microorganism to destroy the microorganism and disturb its survival function. Then, H2O2 is used as the medium to act on the microbial cells to further kill the microorganism.

Sterilizable articles and materials:
Hysteroscopy, laparoscope, laryngoscope, probe, rigid endoscope, hose endoscope, ophthalmic lens, fiber optic cable, intracranial sensor, cold therapy probe, prostatectomy, esophageal dilator, electric cauterizing equipment, defibrillation motor, laser head, metal, glass, silicone, rubber, etc.

Medical H2O2 Low Temperature Plasma Autoclave Sterilizer (THR-YDQ120)

Product Features:
1. Fast sterilization cycle
The sterilization cycle of the equipment is short, and the sterilization can be completed within 60min. After the operation is completed, the equipment can be used directly, without the need for natural cooling as after high temperature sterilization, and unlike the 6-48 hours of ventilation to reduce the residual concentration of ethylene oxide after low temperature sterilization.

2, high-quality parts
Key components of the equipment are selected from well-known brands. For example, the control system uses Germany Siemens PLC, Taiwan Wilenton color touch screen, Feiyue vacuum pump, Taiwan Yadeker solenoid valve and other well-known brand accessories. High quality parts escort the performance of the product.

3. Safe injection method
The equipment uses the box type to inject the sterilizing agent to avoid personal injury caused by the evaporation or spilling of the sterilizing agent. At the same time, each capsule is encapsulated with a quantitative hydrogen peroxide solution, which can ensure the constant hydrogen peroxide dose injected into the sterilizing chamber in each sterilization cycle to ensure the sterilization effect meets the requirements.

4. Visual viewing window
The visual observation window preset on the lifting door of the equipment can observe the sterilization of instruments in the sterilization chamber in real time through the observation window, so that relevant personnel can obtain the sterilization of equipment in the first time, and judge whether the plasma state occurs by whether the luminescence discharge.

5. Advanced purification technology
The equipment has a built-in hydrogen peroxide solution purification device, which can purify the hydrogen peroxide solution with the concentration of 58% to more than 95%, so as to eliminate the influence of the water factor in the sterilizing agent on the sterilization effect.

6. Humanized design
The equipment has a kick switch. When the operator's hands are occupied, it can control the opening and closing of the equipment hatch door through the kick switch to liberate the operator's hands.

7, reliable sterilization effect
The sterilization effect of the equipment has passed the testing of the simulated sterilization effect of the equipment by the third-party laboratory with testing qualifications, and it can sterilize the hose with inner diameter ≥1mm and length ≤2000mm.

8. Environment-friendly sterilization products
Hydrogen peroxide low temperature plasma sterilizer meets the safety standards of medical devices. The sterilization factor is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and the products of the sterilization process are water (H2O) and oxygen (O2), which is safer for medical staff and the environment. It is a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly sterilization method. The whole sterilization process is in a low temperature dry environment, so that the instrument is protected from damage due to temperature and humidity changes.

Model THR-YDQ120(Round/Rectangle)
Usable volume: 135L
External design (L*W*H) mm 995*800*1800
Operating temperature: 35ºC-55ºC
Power source: AC380V/50Hz/4Kw (three-phase five-wire)
Vacuum pressure: ≤60pa
Plasma pressure: ≤60pa
Work noise: <65db
Ambient temperature: 5ºC-40ºC
Ambient humidity: <80%
Ambient pressure: 86Kpa-106Kpa
Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) concentration: 60%
Work procedure: complete circulation procedure, reinforced circulation procedure, special circulation procedure
Air filter: 0.2um
filtration rate: 99.99%
Company Profile

Medical H2O2 Low Temperature Plasma Autoclave Sterilizer (THR-YDQ120)Medical H2O2 Low Temperature Plasma Autoclave Sterilizer (THR-YDQ120)Medical H2O2 Low Temperature Plasma Autoclave Sterilizer (THR-YDQ120)Medical H2O2 Low Temperature Plasma Autoclave Sterilizer (THR-YDQ120)


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