Nanbei Autoclave Sterilization Equipment Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Sterilization Information Recording and Printing
Sterilization Information Recording and Printing
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Product Description

 NANBEI Autoclave Sterilization Equipment Hydrogen peroxide low temperature plasma sterilizer

Product Description

Principle Introduction:

The hydrogen peroxide low-temperature plasma sterilization system uses hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as a sterilizing agent. In a low-temperature environment, the vaporized hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is formed into a hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) plasma state through an electromagnetic field. Combined with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) gas and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) ionomers, indoor items are subjected to low-temperature and dry sterilization, and residual hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) can be effectively dissociated.

Detailed Photos

Nanbei Autoclave Sterilization Equipment Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer
Nanbei Autoclave Sterilization Equipment Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer
Nanbei Autoclave Sterilization Equipment Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer


Product Parameters

1 Model HTYD-60L HTYD-90L
2 Cavity structure and material The cavity structure is rectangular, the cavity material is made of 304 stainless steel, the thickness is 5mm, and the glow ion network is aluminum alloy 5052, the thickness is 3mm.
3 Sterilizer liner Stainless steel body, hexahedral silicone plate heating, independent temperature control in all directions, good thermal conductivity, uniform temperature, and effectively guarantee the sterilization effect.
4 Sterilization room door It adopts ejector-driven electric lift door, ★Double-layer sealed design, the door is equipped with a safety system to ensure equipment and personal safety, anti-pinch design, front and rear double doors.
5 Sterilant Adopt high-purity hydrogen peroxide injection (concentration 58%), with an inverted hydrogen peroxide automatic dosing system to ensure that workers do not directly touch the liquid. The amount of hydrogen peroxide added is adjustable. The amount of each injection can be observed. It has a refrigerated storage device for sterilant below 20°C.
6 Sterilization method Hydrogen peroxide plasma technology
7 Sterilization speed Rapid sterilization time≤25min; standard sterilization time≤35min; enhanced sterilization time≤50min
8 Sterilization temperature 50ºC±5ºC
9 Main Controller PLC Original imported: control and display working process parameters, easy to operate
10 Mini printer Multi-channel records, record sterilization related parameters, clear records, long service life
11 Pressure Transmitters Original imported (Germany): good precision, high reliability, stable output
12 Temperature Sensor Good stability and small measurement error
13 Sterile filter Original imported: ultra-fine aseptic filtration, sterilization rate reaches 100%
14 RF power source Frequency 13.56MHz, maximum power 500W
15 Electromagnetic valve Highly corrosion-resistant materials made in Shanghai, reliable operation and long life
16 Chamber temperature heating power 1800w, no need to preheat
17 Vacuum pump Using a rotary vane vacuum pump with extremely high vacuum and resistance to H202 corrosion, the pumping rate can reach 16 cubic meters per hour.
18 Vacuum pump phase sequence protector Equipped with a high-vacuum phase sequence protector to prevent the equipment power supply phase sequence from changing, causing the vacuum pump to reverse and return oil to the sterilization chamber
19 Oil mist filter The product has an exhaust oil mist filter system, which can recover oil mist, prevent oil mist from entering the air, and  return the pump oil through the pump suction to the pump for repeated use to reduce fuel consumption.
20 Control Equipment self-control;
21 Test method★ Biomonitoring of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus stearothermophilus
22 Sterilization record Computer printing provides sterilization time, cycle mode, display pressure and sterilization process, and uses large-capacity storage to save original data, prints records and stores more than 1 million times, can save more than ten years of capacity, and has power-off memory function.
23 Alarm system Automatic alarm system
24 High frequency power supply specifications Frequency 13.56MHz, maximum power 500W
25 Plasma generation Single AC discharge method to ensure 100% plasma discharge success
26 Sterilization residue Non-toxic,
27  Impact on environment Safe and no impact
28 Impact on medical staff The ultraviolet rays generated by the plasma are completely shielded, completely isolated from the operator, and invisible to the naked eye.
29 Safety of sterilant Hydrogen peroxide undergoes radiofrequency glow ionization to produce water and oxygen.
30 Fully equipped with consumables Including special plasma indicator cards, tape, packaging bags, sterilizing agents, biological indicators, biological incubators, etc., to ensure supply.
31 Chamber size (W×H×D)3530600mm; (W×H×D)4838650mm;
32 Outside size (W×H×D)670×151790mm; (W×H×D)800×159840mm;
  Weight 235kg 265kg
33 Power supply 380v /220v Optional
34 Scope of application It is suitable for sterilization of instruments that can withstand vacuum negative pressure, hydrogen peroxide gas, and high temperature sensitive instruments (various pipes and hard instruments within 4m), and is not suitable for sterilization of powder, oil and cotton instruments.


Nanbei Autoclave Sterilization Equipment Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

Packaging & Shipping

Nanbei Autoclave Sterilization Equipment Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

Company Profile

Nanbei Autoclave Sterilization Equipment Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer


Q1: Why Choose NANBEI ?
(1).Professional manufacturer with more than 13 years experience
(2).Exported to more than 97% Countries
(3).Turnkey Solution is no problem

Q2:OEM,ODM acceptable or not?
Absolutely Yes

Q3:What's kind of Payment terms for customer choosing?
T/T ,Western Union, Money Gram , Credit Card, Paypal , L/C ...

Q4:Can we visit your factory online?
Absolutely no problem

Q5:Can online video inspection before shipment?
Absolutely no problem

Q6: what's the MOQ ? Sample order is OK?
MOQ:1 set, sample order is no problem

Q7:What's kind of shipment for customer choosing?
Usually ship by sea, by air, by international express .
We can also provide reasonable solutions according to your transportation requirements

Q8:How to ensure product quality and after-sales service?
We have CE, ISO quality certificate, and SGS authentication.

After-sale service:

  1. Warranty : 1 year
  2. We supply free part for quality problem in warranty
  3. Long life technical support and service



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