Ozone Sterilizer 30 Liter

Get the best Ozone Sterilizer 30 Liter from our factory. Our high-quality product ensures effective and efficient sterilization for various purposes.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Carton Size
87 X 63 X 124 Cm
Transport Package
Cartons or Pallet
87 x 63 x 124 cm
HS Code
Production Capacity
20000 Pieces/Year

Product Description

Ozone Sterilizer 30 Liter 
ANGELBISS, The first one to focus on Fluctuation of an oxygen concentrator, the first one CAN control the Fluctuation rate within 0.1%


  1. Qxygen Pressure is adjustable from 1.4bar to1.6 bar
  2. All can be with 93%±3% oxygen purity output
  3. Oxygen Purity Display by Numbers ( Accuracy 00.0%)
  4. Large 6' LED Light Display all functional data
  5. Accumulated total running hours
  6. With wheels, easy movable
Special Features only provided by AngelBiss Technology 
  1. The world's NO. 1 Oxygen Output Purity Fluctuation rate controlled within 0.1%.
  2. Automatic heavy humidity remove molecular sieve
  3. Durable use for environment areas at high temperature (45ºC), high altitude (15000feet).

Ozone Sterilizer 30 Liter

Ozone Sterilizer 30 Liter
Ozone Sterilizer 30 Liter

1 Outlet tube 5 meters

Technical Specifications
System Map Functions ANGEL-30SP
Oxygen Driving System Oxygen Flow 30L Per Minute
Oxygen Concentration 93% ± 3%
Oxygen Output Pressure 1.4~6bar
Oxygen Number Display YES
Screen Display System Display Material All by LED lights
What Can Be Displayed ? "Oxygen" light on
"Purity Percentage" light on
"Each Running Time" light on
"Accumulated Time" light on
Operating System On/Off Start to produce Oxygen
Pressure Valve Adjust oxgen output pressure
Pressure Valve Show current oxgen output pressure (MPa)
Flow Meter Adjust oxygen flow(L/min)
6 Safety System Low Oxygen Alarm Yes
Oxygen Pressure Protection Alarm Yes
Pressure Faulty Alarm Yes
Power off Alarm Yes
Compressor Faulty Alarm Yes
Overheated Protection Yes
Packaging Details Machine Body Size 830x580x1080mm
Import Carton Size 870x630x1240mm
Net Weight per Unit 130kg
Import Gross Weight per Carton 146kg
Operating Condition Operating Temperature 41ºF to 113ºF (5ºC to 45ºC)
Operating Humidity 30% to 80% RH
Operating Atmospheric Pressure 613-1060hpa
Storage Temperature 14ºF to 122ºF(-10ºC to 50ºC)
Storage Humidity 20 to 90% RH

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